Your health matters!

Your health matter!

By: Romuald Mbonankira

       Public Health Professional

Your Health is your wealth! Your health is at center of everything. Without your health, your wealth is meaningless. Your health is so precious. So, choose to preserve it. 


What are the simple tips to preserve your health? 

1.  Optimal nutrition:when you eat well your body will get the adequate nutrient it needs to be healthy. The scientific research showed that many diseases are directly connected to certain dietary choices. Diets that include large amounts of refined foods (those that are high in free fats, cholesterol, free sugars, refined grains, and sodium while very low in fiber) have been linked to lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and among others.

2.  Invigorating exercise:Do not spend a day without exercising at least 30 minutes 

Besides the poor dietary choices lack of exercise is a major cause of disease and disability. Exercise is essential for the health recovery: When the people who are sick decide to exercise their muscles daily, women as well as men, in outdoor work, using brain, bone, and muscle proportionately, weakness and languor disappear. Health takes the place of disease, and strength the place of feebleness. Exercise is important to digestion, and to a healthy condition of body and mind.

3.  Rest:The average a person will spend about 1/3 of their life sleeping. Some may think that it is a waste of time? However, it is not! You need rest because during the day our bodies deal with lots of stressors and need quality sleep to restore, rejuvenate, and re-energize for another day. Dr.

James Maas, professor at Cornell University stated that sleep is not a vast wasteland of inactivity. The sleeping brain is highly active at various times during the night, performing numerous physiological, neurological, and biochemical housekeeping tasks. These are essential for everything from maintaining life itself to reorganizing and enhancing thinking and memory.It is recommended for an adult to sleep at least 7 – 8 hours at night. Do not work very long hours. It will make you body very tired so that you will not continue carrying out your duties. It may make you sick.

4.  Avoid the drugs, alcohol and coffee:they make your body working abnormally, hence the organs become old very fast and sickness follows because they will not continue fulfilling their roles. Smoking tobacco causes lung cancer; alcohol consumption causes liver damage including cirrhosis.  

5.  Avoid free sugars:It requires the body a lot of efforts to use it 

6.  Drink enough water:You should drink at least 1.8 – 3 liters a day. Water helps the body to work properly and eliminate waste from the body. 

7.   Reduce fat, meat, and salt 

8.   Take care of your personal hygiene to avoid contracting water-related diseases

9.  Saving:Do not save the leftovers, instead, save first and use the rest. It will help you when you face challenges in your life. Saving will save you! 

 More details will come in the next posts. Enjoy ! 

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  1. Hello dear.
    thanks for the pieces of advice.
    My question is: how can you save during this critical COVID-19 period while the economic and financial crisis has conquered the whole business industry and handicapped all sources of income??
    May be you hold a magic stick.

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